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Linda, Powerful Tools participant
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Abe, C.A.R.E. volunteer

“For the first time since I started caring for my (chronically-ill) husband, I feel optimistic. The Dale Association’s Powerful Tools for Caregivers course facilitators helped me learn how to create more balance in my life, and to be more effective in this challenging role. It was so comforting to know that other people were in a similar situation. I can’t change Dan’s Parkinson’s disease, but I feel like everything really will be okay.”

- Linda

"I never dreamed I would need a support group. But then I never dreamed that my beautiful wife of 45 years would become so ill. Fortunately, I was retired when Margo got diagnosed and now I'm a caregiver. She took care of me and our sons when I worked, now it's my turn. Joining The Dale Association's Caregiver Support Group, with Angie Blackley, has become my respite. I can talk freely about my challenges, and get suggestions from the group. They have become like family to me. I look forward to my time there every month."

- Raymond

"As a Dale C.A.R.E. (Telephone Reassurance Program) volunteer, I've been calling on Cathryn for three years. We might only talk for a few minutes each day, but she says my phone call is a highlight in her day. Some days, I'm the only person she talks to. What Cathryn doesn't realize is just how much she has enriched my life. Who knew something so simple could mean so much?"

- Abe

Memory Minders    
Cece, Memory Minders

"Mom looks so forward to Mondays and Fridays - her Memory Minders days. Those are the two days a week that I don't worry about her. Knowing The Dale Association is picking her up and taking such good care of her gives me the peace of mind I need to go to work. When she gets home she is beaming with all the fun she's had. She especially loved making jam - 'just like old times', she said. Mom's made friends there who don't judge her but instead understand what she's going through with her memory loss. I just love the staff and volunteers at The Dale Association. I don't know what we would have done without it"

- Evelyn


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