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Gift Annuity- Guaranteed Income for Life- A gift to us that returns the favor to you.


Gift annuity-the gift that gives back
The Gift Annuity is an extraordinary way to make a charitable gift, increase your income, and cut your tax bill - all in one simple transaction.

How it works
A charitable gift annuity is a contract in which you exchange a gift of cash or securities for a fixed payment each year. Payments can begin as early as age 65 and continue for the rest of your life (or the lives of two people).

Your legacy for all time
Upon your death, any unused portion of the gift annuity remains at the Niagara Area Foundation for the benefit of The Dale Association. You have created a lasting legacy for all time.

5 Ways that you win:

  1. Income for Life-you receive attractive payout rates for one or two lives. The annuity is guaranteed for life.
  2. Tax Deduction Savings-part of your initial contribution is tax-deductible the year of the gift.
  3. Tax-Free Income-a portion of each annuity payment is a tax-free return of principal during the years of your life expectancy.
  4. Capital Gains Tax Savings-when you contribute appreciated securities for a gift annuity, you minimize taxes on your capital gain.
  5. Personal Satisfaction-you are making a gift of lasting significance by establishing an endowment at the Niagara Area Foundation for the benefit of The Dale Association.

Frequently asked questions about gift annuities:

  • Who can receive gift annuity income?
    One or two life-income recipients (a married couple, for example) at least 65 years of age.
  • Can I outlive my income?
    No. The annuity is guaranteed for your life and, if applicable, for the life of the second beneficiary.
  • How often will I receive my annuity checks?
    Quarterly. You will also receive the necessary statements for your tax returns.
  • What determines the size of each payment?
    The amount you place in the gift annuity and your age at the time the annuity is created. Once determined, your payment remains constant.
  • What is the minimum amount I need to fund a gift annuity?
    The minimum is $10,000.
  • Why does my age affect the rate of payment I receive?
    Part of the amount you transfer is returned to you over your life expectancy. Generally, the older you are when your gift annuity begins, the higher your rate of payment.
  • Can anyone besides me receive income from a gift annuity? You can arrange to have your gift annuity provide for another person, such as a spouse or any other individual. If this person survives you, payments will continue for his or her lifetime.
  • Is the payment the same if two people are included in a gift annuity?
    Annuity payments may be made for the lives of two people. Since the period of their combined life expectancies is typically longer that ones person’s life expectancy, the payment is somewhat lower.
  • How is my legacy created through Niagara Area Foundation?
    Upon your death, any unused portion of the gift annuity is used to establish an endowment in your name at the Niagara Area Foundation for the benefit of The Dale Association.
  • Can I use appreciated stock to fund my annuity?
    Yes. New York law allows either cash or publicly traded securities.
  • What if I need the gift assets later on?
    Gift annuities are irrevocable. That’s why it’s always a good idea to talk with your advisors before making a gift.

Gift Annuities- a smart strategy to help meet your financial goals…a gift annuity can effectively address concerns raised when the market is volatile and interest rates are low.

Consider a gift annuity if:

  • Interest rates on CDs and other fixed-income investments have declined and you would like to increase cash flow.
  • You would like to count on fixed annual payments that you cannot outlive that are unaffected by interest rates and stock prices.
  • You own appreciated stock or mutual fund shares and have considered selling some of the shares and reinvesting the proceeds to generate more income, but have hesitated because you don’t want to pay tax on the capital gain.
  • You want to assure continuation of payments to a surviving spouse or loved one without the delay of probate proceedings.

To learn more about gift annuities and to receive a free illustration to see how one could benefit you, contact: please click here or contact Maureen Wendt, President/CEO, at 716-438-2414.


Memorial Donations


A memorial is a way to commemorate a loved one who has passed on, while at the same time recognize a charitable organization that made a difference during their lifetime. If The Dale Association has been an important part of your life or the life of a loved one, please know that memorial gifts are accepted as a way to express on going devotion to their memory.

When making your final funeral plans, be sure to let your family know that The Dale Association has been an important part of your life and that you would be honored to have memorial donations make to The Dale Association.

For more information about remembering a loved one with a memorial gift, please click here or contact Aaron Carlson, Vice President of Operations, at 716-433-4440 ext. 307.


Legacy Lives On Through Lorraine Brady Society


Lorraine Brady“Have you ever felt lonely, had no one to care about you and no one to share your grief with? Years ago when I lost my best friend, the person I had been married to for 26 years, my life seemed to come to an end.  We had never been blessed with children and the total feeling of being alone was overwhelming.  As with most couples, we had planned for our retirement years together but never considered how our world would fall apart when we were left alone.

Finding the Lockport Senior Centre was the beginning of a new life and a caring “family” – something I would never have considered possible.  As I became involved in the various programs at the Centre, the void left by the death of my husband slowly began to fill.  The staff and members became the family I no longer had.  These caring individuals gave me the opportunity to be needed and useful in my elder years. 

…Because they shared my life as my family, I wanted to leave behind a gift to ensure their continuance in our community…” Lorraine Brady

Lorraine Brady became a teacher because of her love of helping people.  Throughout her 40 year teaching career, she guided many students, sharing her love of education and concern for future generations by providing a strong foundation to build on.  After her retirement, she continued to teach – this time at The Dale Association’s Lockport Senior Centre.  Again, fulfilling her desire to help others.  

The Dale Association was blessed with Lorraine’s philanthropic support and generosity – both in life and in death.  She has created a legacy by making a gift through her estate and will make a significant difference in assuring The Dale Association’s ability to continue serving future generations. 

The Lorraine Brady Society has been established; honoring individuals who have made gift intents from their estate plans known to us. Legacy gifts to the Dale Association can be made through your will, life insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, or IRA to name a few.  The society was named in honor of Lorraine Brady who blessed The Dale Association with her support and generosity. 

All donors who make a planned or life income gift to The Dale Association are eligible for membership in The Lorraine Brady Society.  There are several ways to include The Dale Association in your estate planning, thus becoming eligible for membership in the society. 

For more information about The Lorraine Brady Society or on making a legacy gift,
please click here or contact Aaron Carlson, Vice President of Operations, at 716-433-4440 ext. 307.



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